Toboggan DotsToboggan is a delightful work for young percussionists depicting a short, fast ride on a small sled. The piece starts by capturing the excitement of finding new-fallen snow. The descent down the hill swishes and jingles at high speed through sudden direction changes, over patches of rough snow, past evergreen trees, and gently rises and falls over fresh powder.

Toboggan ends, as sled rides often do, with a playful crash into a snowdrift.                                                                                                                                                                                       

Begin Transmission Dots

Begin Transmission is an exciting work for percussion ensemble designed for students with about one year of experience. This work provides a great platform for young performers to apply the skills and concepts learned in beginning percussion literature.

Let the transmission begin!




Guac Is ExtraGuac Is Extra serves as a flavorful introduction to the percussion instruments and rhythms of salsa music. It provides four multi-percussionists the opportunity to raise their ensemble awareness by interweaving intricate ostinatos, to strengthen their independence by trading solos, and to foster an appreciation for a vibrant style of music that is popular throughout the world.

It’s also a lot of fun! No extra charge for that.



Close Your Eyes and DreamClose Your Eyes and Dream is a lullaby for percussion ensemble (with optional vocals ) dedicated to my children. 

After a peaceful introduction, two melodies are introduced. Set in strophic form, they are first presented with simple, music box accompaniment and then with a more elaborate treatment. Eventually, everything fades away as the baby (hopefully) drifts off to sleep.




Jalopy is a programmatic piece, modeled after ragtime and march music, that utilizes metallic textures and features zany sound effects to depict a rollicking ride in a ramshackle automobile.

Buckle up!






Song Without Words is the second movement of Gustav Holst’s Second Suite in F and is a hauntingly beautiful setting of the Cornish folk song I’ll Love My Love.


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