I Love These Legs

I Love These Legs

I love these legs.

With their scrapes and bruises

That serve as reminders they carry

a little human who chooses


Whatever form it may take;

Be it a run through the garden

Or a swim in the lake.


Is her battle cry

When we throw the ball

Or I lift her high.

“Tay-Tay touch it”,

She says when she spies

Creeping things,

Frogs, birds, or flies.

Oh, my girl!

You make Dada proud

When you leap in faith

With a squeal so loud.

Yes, my girl!

Drain life to the dregs.

Tumble, run, and jump

On those wonderful legs!

Living Lanterns

Living Lanterns

A summer stroll did one night yield

A luminescent surprise:

A harvest-ready lightning bug field

With fireflies on the rise.

I paused with my family there to note

And to watch these miracles fly;

Aleatoric embers floating

Like living lanterns towards the sky.

Azalea Celebration

Azalea Celebration

I remember it like my name

The air was crisp, the sky was blue

A spring breeze rocked white blooms

The day I met the two of you

Now we mark this day each year

In our hearts and in our home

With song, feasting, and friends

And in this we’re not alone

As March melts into April

God decorates the earth

The azaleas blossom every year

To celebrate your birth

Sunday Worsts

Sunday Worsts

sunday bests?

yeah, i’ll put those on

but they don’t quench my thirst

i can hide my bones

under fancy rags

but it doesn’t break the curse

oh, i’ll sing praise

this Easter morn’

but it won’t be to clothes

but to Jesus

who died for my sunday worsts

and then from death arose