I Love These Legs

I Love These Legs

I love these legs.

With their scrapes and bruises

That serve as reminders they carry

a little human who chooses


Whatever form it may take;

Be it a run through the garden

Or a swim in the lake.


Is her battle cry

When we throw the ball

Or I lift her high.

“Tay-Tay touch it”,

She says when she spies

Creeping things,

Frogs, birds, or flies.

Oh, my girl!

You make Dada proud

When you leap in faith

With a squeal so loud.

Yes, my girl!

Drain life to the dregs.

Tumble, run, and jump

On those wonderful legs!

Living Lanterns

Living Lanterns

A summer stroll did one night yield

A luminescent surprise:

A harvest-ready lightning bug field

With fireflies on the rise.

I paused with my family there to note

And to watch these miracles fly;

Aleatoric embers floating

Like living lanterns towards the sky.

Your Life Is Like A Mirror, Mom

Your Life Is Like A Mirror, Mom

I wrote a poem as a boy that held both beauty and some truth,
But a line in it is not quite right; I was reasoning like a youth.
I wrote I’ll “pay you back for all you’ve done for me” and that’s noble enough, it’s true,
But pay you back for all you’ve done for me is something I could never do.

To pay you back, you see, I’d need a currency all my own,
But everything I have in life comes from reaping what you have sewn.
My money – for instance – comes from my job, and my job from my degree,
And my degree comes from my schooling that you paid for, for me.

Or if we consider my talents, I’m sure no one would find it strange
That the things I’m good at, I practiced in lessons you arranged.
Some might say I could give my time which I have because I’m alive.
But I was once a helpless baby boy who, without you, would’ve not survived.

So, I have no way to pay you back and I don’t know what to do.
It seems to me my life’s a gift: a gift to me from you.

But wait, that sounds familiar. Like a story, very old.
A story I heard as a boy. A true story that you told
Of God who’s given everything, a Savior who’s made a way.
A King who’s forgiven the debt of a people who could not pay.

It seems you’ve lived by His example. You’ve loved me as He loved you.
You cared for me, your little lamb. And, suddenly, I know what to do:

Enjoy you and respond with gratitude. Know you don’t seek to be repaid.
Love you because you first loved me. Like Him in whose image you were made.
Honor you at every opportunity. Praise your goodness, strength, and grace.
Your life is like a mirror, Mom, it reflects your Father’s face.

Blue Hallelujah

Blue Hallelujah

As summer emerges

from spring in Georgia,

the sky’s a Blue


The laughing leaves

in the nosebleed seats

enjoy the very

best view.

The wind who once whispered

now shouts like a drunk.

Though an amicable one,

it’s true.

The robins hop

through the lush green grace

under this Hallelujah