I composed Begin Transmission in 2014 for the 6th grade percussion ensemble at Northwestern Middle School in Milton, GA.

My wife, Jessica, was the percussion instructor there and she had picked a couple of great pieces for the group to perform at their Spring Concert. Finding an exciting piece to close out the performance, however, was proving to be problematic. So, I set out to write a “closer” for her and her students.

I wanted to write a piece that would be ability level appropriate, educationally beneficial, fun to play, and exciting to listen to. A collection of simple parts that, when combined, would sound more mature than their individual difficulty level. It was my hope that this would help motivate the students.

The group of 6th graders that premiered Begin Transmission at their Spring Concert has moved into their high school music experience now. I’m happy to say the transmission that started in 6th grade is still going strong!

 Begin Transmission is available for purchase through Tapspace Publications , Lone Star Percussion, and J.W. Pepper.