Rehearsal Plans (vs. Lesson Plans)

This year I’ve streamlined my rehearsal plans*.

My guiding principals are:

It must be possible to make and share quickly. There’s a lot to do everyday. If it can’t be done quickly, I’ll skip it and not benefit from it.

Simplicity is paramount. If it can’t be done simply…keep working until it can be done simply.

How it looks matters. Our students care about the image of their program. If you care about them, you’ll care about it too.

Make it accessible ahead of time so that they can be held accountable. I create this simple plan, take a screenshot, and send it to all the students via GroupMe before the come to class. If they aren’t on task when they come in I find a , “Have you not checked the GroupMe” goes a long way. I’ve even heard some of the kids say that to each other : )

Make it visible during class to stay on track. Even though they have it on their phones from before class, I project it on the screen in the room to consult during the period.

What do your rehearsal plans look like?

*Rehearsal plans are different than lesson plans. Rehearsal plans are helpful and functional. Lesson plans are burdensome bureaucratic busywork. No standards are linked to in my rehearsal plans because in music you always work ALL the standards.

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