Solo & Ensemble Breakdown

If you are in the market for solo and ensemble music for your percussionists, here is a handy breakdown of my pieces. It aims primarily at answering: “How many people?” “How much stuff?” “How hard is it?” Look it over and let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes for solo and ensemble!

Rehearsal Plans (vs. Lesson Plans)

This year I’ve streamlined my rehearsal plans*. My guiding principals are: It must be possible to make and share quickly. There’s a lot to do everyday. If it can’t be done quickly, I’ll skip it and not benefit from it. Simplicity is paramount. If it can’t be done simply…keep working until it can be doneContinue reading “Rehearsal Plans (vs. Lesson Plans)”

Rehearsal Schedule

Having a lot of staff members can be great! But, only if you communicate effectively… For every staff member you add you add a little Communication Overhead. Meaning that for every staff member you add you have to pay a little time in communication in order to receive quality work from them. If it isContinue reading “Rehearsal Schedule”

Percussion Ensemble Recommendations

One of the challenges of selecting percussion ensemble repertoire for educational ensembles is handling the different ability levels that are present within an ensemble. Invariably some students are more advanced and become bored with “easy” parts. Conversely, some students are still developing basic skills and can be overwhelmed (and not educationally served) by advanced repertoire.Continue reading “Percussion Ensemble Recommendations”