Great and Small

Leviathan and Behemoth are known as creatures of great size and strength, but Little Leviathan and Budding Behemoth are musical vignettes that depict these beasts when they were still small. One day, a swish of Leviathan’s tail will summon a storm surge and Behemoth’s footsteps will flatten forests. Here, however, they are portrayed at a time when they were content to whimsically whisk through the water and rambunctiously tumble in the dust.

These pieces attempt to simultaneously portray the playfulness of children and the power that lies dormant within them. In that way they are a reflection on potential, hope, and how everything that is great was once small. They are dedicated to my personal models of simultaneous silliness and strength: my mother and stepfather, Kay and Gill Hathaway.

Great and Small is available for purchase through Tapspace Publications.