‘Great and Small’ in Percussive Notes

Great and Small is a programmatic work comprised of two delightful movements for solo keyboard percussion with optional audio accompaniment. These vignettes depict the powerful beasts Leviathan and Behemoth when they were still young, whimsical, and childlike. Deemed ‘’medium-easy” by the publisher, it is appropriate for older middle school or younger high school students andContinue reading “‘Great and Small’ in Percussive Notes”

‘Guac Is Extra’ in Percussive Notes

“Guac is Extra” serves as a fun way to introduce students to the instruments and style of salsa music. John Herndon does a fantastic job of making the style accessible to younger players, as each uses two drums and an accessory instrument. The performance notes indicate the drums to be played with swizzle sticks; however,Continue reading “‘Guac Is Extra’ in Percussive Notes”

‘Jalopy’ in Percussive Notes

In addition to being a fun piece to play and program on a concert, it is also a great way to introduce young students to multiple-percussion score reading and basic extended playing techniques and notation. —Julie Licata Percussive Notes Vol. 56, No. 3, July 2018 You can check out the full review here.